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Copper Hound Pictures has been showcasing Biotech companies for the past 10 years, and over that time have developed the skills to understand oftentimes complex subjects, to appreciate the needs of the varied target audiences, and to ask the right questions. Whether in the lab, conference area, or clean room, Copper Hound Pictures has proven its ability to get the right Videos and Photography to tell uniquely engaging stories.



Acceleron, a company that designs, manufactures and tests new drugs that fight rare diseases, entrusted Copper Hound Pictures with bringing their important story to life through compelling video. Their collaborative environment brings together employees individually committed to the progression of science, and to their role within the wider team. It was an honor to showcase the critically important work that they do. 

Copper Hound Pictures are consummate professionals with a keen eye for what is relevant and what will resonate with your audience. Their work is bold and they approach each project in a journalistic sense—a key element of strong messaging and powerful storytelling.
— Amy Bonanno, BMC Communications


When Gen9 and Ginkgo Bioworks partnered to further the development of DNA synthesis, they turned to Copper Hound Pictures to tell their complex, compelling, and inspiring story through video and photo. We interviewed their leadership teams, project directors and core scientists, captured visually compelling imagery in their labs, and created content that told their intriguing story with clarity and visual interest.

We’re thrilled with Copper Hound Pictures’ work. From photoshoots to film, they consistently capture the spirit of our company and laboratory space in a genial and intimate way.
— Kit McDonnell, Special Projects Manager – Ginkgo Bioworks, Inc.

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