There is an Art to Science. 

Copper Hound Pictures has years of experience creating compelling content for biotech companies, and understands the unique challenges that shooting in high tech labs can create. We also understand the importance of translating the often incredibly complicated science into a language that an audience can appreciate.  If your company needs an effective way to talk about the work that you are doing in the lab or out in the world, please contact us to learn more. 


"Copper Hound Pictures are consummate professionals with a keen eye for what is relevant and what will resonate with your audience. Their work is bold and they approach each project in a journalistic sense--a key element of strong messaging and powerful storytelling."

-Amy Bonanno, BMC Communications


Who We Are

Copper Hound Pictures is a Boston-based video and photography production company, and behind our lenses, we’ve had the pleasure of capturing arguably some of the greatest medical minds and technologies out there.

Our Clients

We combine our years of experience in creating compelling assets for leading institutions, including: