Crane Stationery: Celebrating 200+ Years of Craftsmanship

Since 1801 Crane Stationery has stayed true to its mission of keeping the art of classic correspondence alive and lovely.

And yes, we are talking about paper. But not just any paper... hand-crafted, Made in America, exquisitely detailed paper. Quality and consistency so high, that US banknotes, government proclamations, and stocks/bonds have all been printed on Crane papers. 

Copper Hound Pictures was honored to have been given the responsibility of capturing the essence of Crane in video form. Our time spent in their Dalton, MA facility was like being given a back-stage pass to American history. We treated this project with the craftsmanship and diginity it deserves. And we are proud to showcase the company's timeless processes, while highlighting their employees' personalized approach to quality. 

We hope you enjoy the video, which can also be found prominently on the Crane's homepage.

Showcasing artist Stephanie Cole through video and photography

While a lot of our video/photo work is within Biotech/Healthcare/Education, we love the opportunities to showcase amazing stories across a variety of industries.

Here's a great example within the Arts.

Through video, photo and web work, we feature artist Stephanie Cole via a mini documentary as well as selections of her work through video vignettes and photography. We were inspired by her story, and are proud to help her showcase her life's passion. The Cole's warmly welcomed us into their home and studio, and in doing so gave us access to artwork and the stories behind them that until now have been kept relatively guarded. 

Blue 1.jpg

We invite you to take a look through her site, watch the documentary, and explore some of her pieces (and the backstories of each).

And if you are inspired by what she does, drop her a message

When Creating Videos, Act Like a Child

When Creating Videos, Act Like a Child

Kids deliver great content for videos - but they also teach us important lessons on why being natural, unguarded, and curious are successful traits in showcasing authenticity.

We bring these insights with us to every one of our shoots, whether we're sitting down with a 4th grader, corporate CEO, or doctor. These lessons help us craft our questions, engage in conversations, and extract compelling content that sounds real, tells a great story, and ultimately delivers the intended messages in memorable ways.

Video For Catholic High School: Malden Catholic

Today we are featuring a newly released video that we made for Malden Catholic high school, just outside of Boston. The school lives by its motto, Plus Ultra - Latin for "more beyond." The students, faculty and staff continually push themselves to always be improving, to always take that extra step. 

We shot this video over the course of several days at the Malden Catholic campus. Over ninety percent of the footage was shot on the Red Scarlet Weapon on the Steadicam, which gives that floating and following feeling. The one exception to the Steadicam usage was the series of moving portraits that we shot all around the school. For these shots we used the Kessler Shuttle Dolly and pushed the camera along a set of rails toward the subject. We love the effect. 

This project also included a few days of still photography. Below are a few of the shots we took of the varsity football team. 

High school football photography
Malden Catholic Football
Malden Catholic Atheltics

Video For Fenn Lower School

Here's a video we just released for the Fenn School in Concord featuring their amazing lower school program. 

This video was shot on our pair of Red Digital Cinema cameras using the EyeDirect system for the on camera interviews, and the Steadicam and Kessler shuttle dolly system for the classroom and outdoor shots. 

This shoot was expertly produced by the in-house team at Fenn and we were able to shoot all the interview and broll footage in one day. 

Video Production For Medical Device Company In Costa Rica

Precision Coating, an advanced medical surfacing technology company, engaged with Copper Hound Pictures to help showcase their new Costa Rican manufacturing facility through video and photography. This new facility, the 1st and only PTFE-coating application facility in Costa Rica, is now located just minutes from their medical device partners and creates a more efficient supply chain process that quickens delivery times and reduces costs.

Copper Hound Pictures interviewed over a dozen individuals and shot extensive b-roll in both Precision Coating’s Hudson, MA facility and their newly opened Alajuela, Costa Rica location. The deliverables were two video edits that highlight Precision Coatings’ compelling expansion story through the perspectives of employees, international consultants and business leaders, as well as photography that showcase their facilities and processes.

Copper Hound Produces Videos And Photography For Grammy Winner Paula Cole


Copper Hound Pictures was thrilled to partner with Grammy award winning artist Paula Cole to bring her latest album “Ballads” to life through video and photo. We captured Paula and her band performing five iconic Folk and Jazz standards at the stunning, seaside Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport, MA. Paying homage to artists such as Billie Holiday, Bob Dylan, and other legendary singers has been on Paula’s wish list of projects her entire career, and we are proud to have helped her showcase this work through visuals. We hope you enjoy watching and listening to these videos as much as we enjoyed capturing and editing them.

 Paula Cole at the Shalin Liu Performance Center

Paula Cole at the Shalin Liu Performance Center

Never Will I Marry


And here's a look behind the scenes.