Every school has a different story to tell.

Each school has a unique voice, mission, and vibe. But all share a mission of preparing young boys and girls, men and women, for a life of purpose, success and happiness.

Copper Hound Pictures collaborates with each institution to either find or strengthen their voice, and then develops a set of assets that excites potential students and their families, inspires the current enrollment, and relieves the special moments from its alum. There isn’t a time when we take for granted our role in telling those stories. And our passion for these jobs come through in our heartfelt, memorable videos and photos.



For several years Copper Hound Pictures has captivated the heart and soul of Fenn through videos and photography. It’s been our honor to showcase the school through the eyes of its talented student body, and to see those young boys advance and grow into young men. And being able to collaborate with Steve Carell as the voice over to the video “The Arts at Fenn” was a special moment for sure.


Purpose, Passion and Integrity. These are words that Williston students embrace during their journey within a classic New England private school setting. We embedded ourselves into their campus for a week, and we quickly understood, appreciated and admired their uniquely engaging community. Throughout our multiple video edits, we love how well “Williston” was cultivated and brought to life.


The Middlesex School in Concord, MA hired us to redesign their view book and admissions materials. We started, as we always like to do, with producing custom photography that featured the many sides of Middlesex. From athletics, to campus life, to academics we photographed on campus often as the seasons changed.

The design process took full advantage of the large-scale photographs. The full collateral suite included an over 60-page view book, four subject specific books, and a travel piece to bring to admissions fairs.

Here’s a short behind the scenes video we shot of the printing of the view book.


Copper Hound Pictures was proud to work with Malden Catholic, a high school located just outside Boston that lives by its motto, Plus Ultra - Latin for "more beyond." The students, faculty and staff continually push themselves to always be improving, to always take that extra step.

We shot over the course of several days at the Malden Catholic campus. And are proud to have captured their true spirit through compelling video and photography.

On day one, the team at Copper Hound Pictures made it clear to us that their primary goal was to understand our school’s mission and help us tell our story, and that’s exactly what they delivered. They made a concerted effort to get to know the character of our school community and help us visually render who we are in an authentic and compelling way. We couldn’t be more pleased.
— Robert Gregory, Director of Marketing & Comm./Theology Faculty, Malden Catholic School for Boys