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The Arts At Fenn

Featuring Steve Carell

The Fenn School: A Case Study

Our assignment from Fenn was to create a video series that captured the spirit of the school. Fenn is an all-boys school, grades five through nine, which concentrates on a comprehensive education of the whole boy. They have built their entire culture around the central themes of their four core values; honesty, courage, empathy, and respect.

Our primary target audience was perspective students and parents with 4th graders being 70% of the target and 6th graders representing about 30%. The secondary target audience was alumni, current students, parents, teachers, and administration. The competition that Fenn faces is not only the other all-boy schools in the area and how to differentiate themselves but more so the common question parents ask, why should I send my son to a private school versus public school? 

“WOW. Goosebumps. It’s incredible. I mean they just keep getting better… how do you guys do it?"  

- Olivia Boger, Director of Marketing, The Fenn School

Our Approach

Fenn may seem like your typical private elementary and middle school, a beautiful campus, nice faculty, and friendly students who seem to work and play hard. But, upon spending time on campus, we discovered that the school really had a well articulated and executed mission. 

We spent three days shooting both video and photography on campus, going to classes, sports practices, art and music classes, we even ate lunch with the boys. During video production we interviewed 10 boys ranging from 4th to 8th grade. The boys’ passion for the school was so transparent it was amazing. Immediately, we all wanted to send our kids there. 

Here is a sampling of our videos for Fenn:

The Foundations of Fenn

Gold Award of Excellence, Communicator Awards

Davey Award For Copywriting

Sua Sponte - The Fenn Motto

Where Are The Girls?

The Arts video at the top is one of our favorites to date. We wrote the script and edited the video, but we struggled finding the perfect voiceover. The Director of Marketing had an idea, which was a long shot, but we thought she should try. She reached out to a Fenn alum, Steve Carell, to see if he would be interested. He recorded the voiceover during a recording session for Despicable Me 3. The video has been watched over 10,000 times on Facebook and the comments and praises have come pouring in from parents, faculty and alumni.

Feedback from a Fenn parent:

Dear Olivia,
The Arts Video is a home run
Well done
OKOKOK Steve Carell, so perfectly cool
The cinematography is amazing, the script sublime
OKOKOK I am a geezer, it made me weep.
I am sending it to EVERYONE I know
Jan M.

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