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Scholastic Highlight:


The Williston

Northampton School

Purpose, Passion and Integrity.


"Why Williston?" - A Video Series

Purpose, Passion and Integrity. These are words that Williston students embrace during their journey within a classic New England private school setting.

This past fall and winter we embedded ourselves into their campus and we quickly understood, appreciated and admired their uniquely engaging community. Throughout our multiple video edits, we love how well “Williston” was cultivated and brought to life.

The Community

It wasn't hard engaging with the Williston community... each and every teacher, student, adminstrator, and alumni that we had the privilege to meet and interview got us truly excited to edit out these videos. While we started each interview with a roadmap, we quickly transitioned to conversations - and the words given back to us were genuine, thoughtful and honest.

Going into our production days we weren't sure what to expect. Would there be a through line from the community that we could use to bring together our multi-video project? The quick and resounding answer: Yes. 

The Videos

We are thrilled to have been given the responsibility to cultivate and produce this set of videos for Williston. And we encourage you to watch each of them. In doing so you'll soon get to know why "Williston" means so much to its current and past students, and why prospective families should take a long, hard look at sending their sons and daughters to this amazing school, which is idyllically set on a beautiful campus in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

Are you looking to showcase your school through powerful photo and video?